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The planet is running out of water. Solving the complex problems related to sustainable water sources is becoming more complex and acute.

As a result, sustainable and creative water processing and treatment systems are needed to process contaminated water for reuse to satisfy the demands of potable water, irrigation, farming, industrial recycling, recreation, and other needs as well as the preservation of our existing, but decreasing, natural water resources.


Columbia Water has developed a low cost and adaptable technology and process that is far more effective than conventional reverse osmosis or ion exchange systems.

The Columbia Water technology offers extremely broad and diverse applications for cleaning water from all tested sources with a minimal footprint compared with current technologies and processing units. After analysis and testing, we design the system that solves the particular water treatment requirements of your unique water source.

About Columbia Water

Columbia Water, located in Washington State, produces innovative, cost effective treatment systems in a proprietary configuration that are unique to the various markets and industries and which can be adjusted to most water cleaning requirements.
Columbia's Scientists have perfected a water cleaning system that is highly effective on a wide range of polluted water sources, including sewage, both flowback and produced frac water, nitrate contaminated water, and seawater. Testing matrices support Columbia Water's remediation results which are far beyond currently available contaminant removal levels and at lower costs.

Our Technology

Unlike most other conventional water treatment methods, Columbia Water’s treatment systems employ both physical and chemical methods to destroy, alter and/or remove unwanted substances from water. We have demonstrated success with our system in treating both biological and non-biological substances and in treating both organic and inorganic chemicals in water. Our system is comprised of a unique and proprietary series of treatment processes that can be configured to meet the specific water quality objectives of a targeted application including treating sewage water, fracturing flow back water, and water containing individual contaminants of concern such as nitrates/nitrites.

Although new to the water treatment market, our system affords a broad range of cost-effective applications for meeting water quality objectives. It operates at ambient temperatures, has modest power and spatial requirements, has low O&M requirements, is relatively easy to operate, can be designed for either stationary or mobile applications, and can be designed with internal security, monitoring, and related internal or remote data collection.

Service and Maintenance

Servicing and repair of the Columbia Water's processing units is restricted to certified technicians per established guidelines and service timelines. Our technicians and remote monitoring system support and maintain proper flow and volume control, operating functions, and the established quality functional requirements. Columbia Water strives to maintain the quickest possible turn-around time for repairs and maintenance to avoid down time on each unit.

Mobility and Efficiency

Columbia Water has developed the only known modular full sized unit available. Virtually 100% of the influent source water is available for reuse after Columbia's treatment process (vs the much lower post-treatment water volume after reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems). Columbia Water's units are designed for placement anywhere.

The Columbia Water system is an on site service that can eliminate the risk factors and expense of transportation and storage of contaminated or unprocessed water. This significantly reduces the amount of financial resources and energy required today providing an end-to-end solution that processes and treats water at the source and returns it to applicable compliant levels.

Cost Effective

Our water treatment systems and technology generally require relatively little energy (a typical smaller scale system of 50k-100k gallons/day will only require 15-25 kW of electrical power), especially when compared with traditional reverse osmosis, electro-coagulation and other technologies. For larger Units and modular systems, the typical electrical power requirement is 0.1-0.2 kW for each 1,000 gallons of treatment capacity. The Columbia Water Units do not need large tanks, contact chambers or materials handling systems, and generally require much less land and staging area than other conventional systems currently in the marketplace.

A single 40 foot container houses our 50k-100k gallons/day system, and larger scale systems (1 million gallons/day and more) can be supplied in multiple, stackable containers or installed as modular skids units in buildings. The end result can be significant savings by greatly reducing the costs associated with energy use, land acquisitions and infrastructure development, including when commercial/municipal water management facilities require upgrading and/or expansion. Our Units are manufactured for transportability, creative problem solving and scalability, allowing for immediate installation, operation, and replacement of systems currently in the field.


Columbia Water technology and processing Units provide an end-to-end, on-site, water treatment service that is simple, compact and highly flexible. Our equipment incorporates advanced technologies that have a relatively broad range of application to decontamination of a variety of water-based waste streams. Complex waste chemistries can be treated effectively and with relatively simple equipment. Our equipment can be a complete answer to an industry's waste disposal or reuse needs, and can solve a water treatment problem at the source, making a dramatic impact on water reclamation, energy management and cost-benefit analysis.
Processing hydraulic fracturing flow-back and production water discharge for industrial or greywater reuse.
Sewage and heavily polluted waterway treatment for greywater reuse.
Sea water desalination for potable and irrigation reuse as well as pre-reverse osmosis processing.
Removal of nitrate, heavy metal, and other contaminants of concern from river, lake, and other source water for potable and greywater reuse.

Flow Back Water Processing


We have clearly demonstrated with repeated testing the ability of our system to remove unwanted substances from Frac water. To date, our testing has been limited to “flowback water” obtained from a natural gas operating Fracing field in Wyoming.

The following summary of analytical results were provided by a certified commercial laboratory on both the untreated feed water and treated fracturing flow back water from Columbia's system. For more information on specific testing results and data on our Fracturing Flow Back Water Processing units, please contact us.


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – 71% reduction

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) – estimated at 90+% reduction
(water transitions from moderate turbidity to completely clear)

Oxidizers – 63% reduction in chloride (Cl-)

Organics – 93% reduction in Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

Scaling ions (hardness) – 45% reduction in Hardness ions

Organisms – results for sewage effluent indicate a 98+% kill

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